JC Economics Education Centre in Bishan: Empowering Students and MOE’s A-Level Examination Changes


Bishan, located in the central region of Singapore, is a bustling district known for its recreational parks, shopping centers, and HDB housing estates. The area is also renowned for its excellent educational institutions, offering students access to quality education. Among the notable educational establishments is JC Economics Education Centre Pte Ltd, a renowned tuition center with branches in Bishan, Tampines, and Bukit Timah. Led by the esteemed Dr. Anthony Fok, the center specializes in providing high-quality Economics tuition to students. This article will highlight the center’s benefits, as well as recent changes made by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to the A-level examinations in Singapore.

  1. Dr. Anthony Fok’s Expertise: Dr. Anthony Fok, a prominent economics tutor, leads the JC Economics Education Centre. His track record in helping students achieve academic success has earned him recognition from various media platforms such as MediaCorp TV, Straits Times newspapers, BBC, and CNBC news. Students at the center benefit from his vast knowledge and experience.
  2. Comprehensive Resources for Exam Preparation: JC Economics Education Centre provides students with invaluable resources, including concise notes and real-world examples, to assist them in their exam preparations. These materials are carefully designed to enhance students’ understanding of economics concepts and facilitate effective learning.
  3. MOE’s Changes to A-Level Examinations: The Ministry of Education has recently announced significant changes to the A-level examinations in Singapore, which will be implemented from 2026 for students entering Junior College in 2025. These changes aim to provide students with greater autonomy in their studies and promote lifelong learning among adults.
  4. Non-Inclusion of Fourth Content-Based Subject for University Admissions: One of the key changes is the non-inclusion of the fourth content-based subject in JC students’ university admissions unless it improves their overall score. This alteration allows students to pursue subjects of interest without worrying about the impact on their university admission chances.
  5. Pass/Fail Grading for Project Work: Another notable change is the removal of Project Work from the university admission score calculation. Instead, Project Work will be graded on a pass/fail basis, relieving students of the pressure associated with this component’s contribution to their university admission score.
  6. Phasing Out of Mid-Year Exams: MOE has also announced the gradual phasing out of mid-year exams for JC and Millennia Institute students, starting from 2024. This adjustment aims to provide students with more time to focus on personal growth, such as engaging in internships, community service, and pursuing other interests.
  7. Benefits of MOE’s Changes: The changes introduced by MOE are intended to grant students greater flexibility to explore their interests, pursue their passions, and develop essential life skills. Adults seeking lifelong learning opportunities will also benefit from these reforms, as they can now choose courses aligned with their interests and goals.


Bishan, a vibrant district in Singapore, offers excellent education opportunities, with JC Economics Education Centre Pte Ltd providing top-notch Economics tuition. Led by Dr. Anthony Fok, the center equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel academically. Additionally, MOE’s changes to the A-level examinations aim to empower students, providing them with more autonomy and encouraging lifelong learning. These initiatives reflect Singapore’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who can adapt to a rapidly changing world.

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