Hear From Our Students

Hear from some of our students on what they have to say about JC Economics Tuition Centre! For more testimonials, please visit this page.

“Lessons are well structured, going through content, question types, answering techniques, case studies, and common questions. The notes are also well detailed and provide the required content for the various topics. Even though there are 3 hour lessons, they do not feel draggy as Mr Fok tells stories that teach us about life and what choices we should make. Overall, I have learnt econs at a deeper level of understanding and feel confident and more motivated to do well in econs.”
Isra Harris Kasee
Tampines Meridian Junior College
“Mr Fok is an extremely affable teacher, and his lessons are all packed with econs content and neat tricks to tackle questions. Lessons are well-planned and structured in a manner that allows for solid understanding and absorption of academic content. Mr Fok keeps lessons light-hearted, and holds well the attention of his students. Stories are injected into the class meaningfully, be it to uplift the stressful days of his students, or to share important life skills. He is also able to share critical information and good exemplars best for the learning of his students. Outside of class, he responds frequently and quickly to questions and tries his best to reach out to his students, far beyond just the role of a tutor.”
Joshua Sim
Raffles Institution
“Mr Fok is very nice and approachable! The notes he provides are very concise and useful and he replies WhatsApp queries very promptly as well! To make lessons less dull, he also shares meaningful and interesting stories based on his experiences and observations and jokes or relevant stories to help us remember concepts better. Overall I really enjoyed tuition sessions with Mr Fok! Before and during the A level period, Mr Fok also sends us encouragement to press on and study hard. Thank you Mr Fok!”
Raffles Institution
“Mr Fok is a thoughtful, caring, helpful and a humorous teacher who never fails to make the class laugh with his jokes. Mr Fok’s lessons are both enriching and helpful where he teaches us not only economic content but also real life lessons. Mr Fok filters out important and relevant key concepts and common conceptual errors to help students achieve their desired goal. His notes are precise and helpful where his summaries have helped me tremendously.”
Ong Shay Liang
Tampines Meridian Junior College
“Mr Fok never fails to make every lesson interesting even his life stories and different anecdotes. Also, he often guides and motivates us which helps us work harder and achieve better results. His notes are really of top notch quality which enables me to have concise causal links to revise and correct misconceptions before my examinations. Other than being an educator, he is also an inspiration to many as we are able to learn so much from him.”
Mabel Sim
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
“I became more confident for H2 Economics after I started to go for classes with Mr Fok. He delivers his lessons with clarity and provides us with concise notes that helps us with content and evaluation. This makes it more manageable to understand the various concepts and for revision as well. He also makes an effort to make lessons interesting and constantly provides motivation and encouragement. Mr Fok goes beyond just preparing you for your A'levels but also aspects of life through his little sharing of life stories during our mini breaks.”
Niki Ong
St. Andrew's Junior College
“Mr Fok is always well prepared for every lesson. His notes are very easy to understand. His great understanding of the topic has allowed him to simplify concepts and to teach us in the most efficient way possible. He is always willing to answer our questions anytime and is always patient to help us. Not only does Mr Fok encourage us academically, he also motivates us to live well and often shares with us stories about persevering and that there is more to life than grades.”
Goh Pei Swhen
Eunoia Junior College
“The lessons are really effective in allowing me to have a better grasp of concepts. I really like the notes too as they are concise and organized! Mr Fok also gives out his phone number so that we can clarify our doubts after lessons via whatsapp which is extremely helpful. I am thankful as he is of great help to my A level journey.”
Tiffany Yam
Eunoia Junior College
“I think the lessons are really concise and effective in summing up the crux of many chapters without making them too lengthy. They are also very useful for simple memory work cuz there is always repeated emphasis and drilling on the common concepts. The notes are also useful in analysing the common pointers that each school answers take note of giving a larger variety of the type of answers available. I personally find the extra lessons useful for honing in on the more specific concepts to give more depth in understanding. Thanks for all the enjoyable lessons and all those really funny life stories that you tell!!”
Dunman High School
“Mr Fok's notes are elaborate and informative, containing all the important concepts and key terms we need to answer questions accurately and develop a deeper understanding of the subject. Mr Fok is also very helpful and takes time out of his day outside of lesson hours to answer any questions we have to clarify our doubts on any concepts and content that we are unsure of. His stories teach us valuable life lessons which allow us to take away more than just the knowledge of economics but also critical life skills that are highly likely to be applicable to our future.”
Chua Qian Hui
Anderson Serangoon Junior College
“Humorous, entertaining and joyful, Mr Fok is a very effective tutor. His delivery is clear, concise and he is adept at simplifying / untangling difficult concepts; moreover he is able to blend his jokes / stories with his lessons masterfully. His handouts are incisive and focused. At the same time, Mr Fok is always accessible. He generally answers our texts within an hour (after hours). He hands in our self homework carefully and marks with them constructive comments.”
Tan Jia Yuan
St. Andrew's Junior College
“Mr Fok makes economics a joy to study, he simplifies concepts so that one can easily understand complex graph drawings/ shifts, he also ensures that we understand key concepts by providing mindmaps about topic words which were very useful to my revision. He also makes lessons very interesting by telling us stories so that we can persevere on when the content is very heavy. He also offers WhatsApp support that allows me to study very efficiently as I can clarify my doubts immediately.”
Keane Chia
Eunoia Junior College
“Mr fok makes econs much more understandable and easier to digest. Before coming for tuition, I was very unsure of many econs concepts but after attending Mr Fok lessons, econs became something that was no longer as daunting. Mr Fok also gives us breaks by telling us insightful stories. He is also very responsive on whatsapp if you have any questions, which is A1 after sales service and this is what differentiates Mr Fok from others. Thank you Mr Fok :)”
Hwa Chong Institution
“Mr Fok is a great Econs teacher who makes the learning of Econs both easy to grasp and engaging. His use of real life stories and examples also make lessons very interesting and funny! Not only is his in - person teaching superb, he also never fails to answer questions after lessons and through Whatsapp as well, going the extra mile to clarify our queries. He covers the syllabus comprehensively, with added information to help students, and ensures sufficient time for consistent practice of Econs concepts and frameworks . The wealth of information and resources that he provides is sure to help you immensely on the path to getting an A!”
Ashvin Sivakumar
Raffles Institution
“Mr Fok’s approach to JC economics was one which really suited my learning style. He provided us with ample materials to refer to and even drew mind-maps during his lesson to explain certain economic concepts. He also formed links between the various economics topics which helped deepen the evaluation and analysis in my essays, which is something that examiners expect. 10/10 would recommend”
Anglo Chinese Junior College